Oracle Database 11g: PL/SQL Fundamentals I

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The primary objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the PL/SQL database programming language, based upon the latest features available with the Oracle database. Syntax, structure and features of the language are discussed in the context of database applications and programming. Major subject areas to be explored are: Understand the environment and context in which PL/SQL operates. Consider the advantages and benefits of PL/SQL within a database environment. Declaring program variables and complex data types. Developing logic within PL/SQL program blocks. Fetching data from the database into program variables. Returning program output to users. Handling program exceptions. Using explicit and implicit database cursors. Using the advanced features of nested blocks and subprograms. How to take advantage of advanced features such as regular expression support and the handling of string literals within program code.

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ORACLE DATABASE 11G: SQL FUNDAMENTALS COMPLETE LIBRARY is a mandatory prerequisite for this course.
Choosing A Sql & Pl/Sql Interface :
Using Sql Developer
Using Sql*Plus
Using Application Express
Using Jdeveloper Studio
Language Features:
Understanding Pl/Sql
Structure Of A Pl/Sql Program Block
Using Pl/Sql From Sql*Plus
Declare Clause :
About The Declare Clause
Declare Simple Types
Declare Complex Types
Type ... Table
Type ... Record
Begin Clause:
About The Begin Clause
Performing Data Manipulation
Logic Control & Branching
Exception Clause:
About The Exception Clause
Isolating The Specific Exception
Pragma Exception_Init
Sql%Rowcount & Select...Into
Explicit Cursors:
About Explicit Cursors
Advanced Cursor Techniques
Advanced Programming: Declared Subprograms: