Oracle 9i BACKUP and RECOVERY for DBA`s

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This course provides you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to plan and execute Oracle 9i database backup and recovery.

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Oracle Foundation Classes, Oracle DBA I or equivalent experience.
Duties of the DBA:
Why back up?
Types of Failures
Oracle Recovery Features
Developing a backup strategy
the backup oplan - fefining MTTR specification
Flashback Query:
Instance Recovery:
Reducing crash and instance recovery time - tuning instance recovery
Fast Start Time-based Recovery
Physical NOARCHIVELOG Mode Backups:
Oracle Database Backups
Writing to the database
Physical Backups
Cold Backups in NOARCHIVELOG Mode - Closed vs. Cold
Configuring Archivelog Mode:
Physical ARCHIVELOG Mode Backups:
Configuration of the database for archiving
Setting the ARCHIVELOG mode
Tuning the archive process
Cold backups in ARCHIVELOG mode
Hot backups in ARCHIVELOG mode - Open vs. Hot
Complete Recovery:
Types of Failures - flash freezes
Recovery when in NOARCHIVELOG Mode
Types of Recovery
Case Studies
Incomplete Recovery:
What is incomplete recovery?
Reasons for needing incomplete recovery
Types of Incomplete Recovery
TSPITR & Standby Databases :
TableSpace Point In Time Recovery (TSPITR)
Standby Database - Data Guard
Logical Backup and Recovery - Exporting LONGs, BFILEs, and LOBs:
Logical backups using EXPORT and IMPORT
Direct Path Export
Using Export/Import in Oracle Enterprise Manager
Data Loading:
Direct load inserts
SQL *Loader
Oracle Utilities and Packages:
Methods for Detecting Block Corruption
The LogMiner Utility - new enhancements including DDL mining
Recovery Manager Overview:
What is Recovery Manager?
RMAN Tools
RMAN Features
Recovery Catalog
Backup, Restore and Recover Package
Media Management Layer interface
RMAN Maintenance Commands
Supported Backup Types
Backups Using Recovery Manager:
Recovery Catalog Commands
Steps to set up a Recovery Database
Catalog Maintenance Activities and Commands
Backup file optimisation (BFO), retention policy definition, restartable backups, backup of database and archive logs
Reports and the Recovery Catalog
Lists and the Recovery Catalog
Backups using RMAN
Backup and Recovery Workshop:
Restore Operations using RMAN
Block Media Recovery Operations (BMR), trial recovery.
The RESTORE command.
Performing a recovery