Oracle9i Discoverer for Administrators

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This 1-day course will teach students the purpose and capabilities of the Discoverer 9i Administrator tool. This class teaches students how to use the Discoverer Administrator tool. This tool allows users to create an End User Layer, which serves as a metalayer between the data source and Discoverer. Students will also learn how to create and manage business areas, which will hide the complexity of the data source and provide a user-friendly view of the data for end users.
This course has been developed for Oracle developers and database administrators.

Students should have attended the following course or have equivalent knowledge and experience:

Oracle9i SQL Introduction
Oracle9i Discoverer for Desktop Users
Creating and managing business areas:
Discoverer components
Installing the EUL
Starting Oracle 9i Discoverer administrator
Using the create EUL wizard
Deleting an end user layer
Creating a business area using the load wizard
The work area
Managing business areas
Opening a business area
Closing business areas
Adding business areas
Deleting business areas
Business area properties
Online help
Working with folders and joins:
Working with folders
Adding folders with the load wizard
Managing folders
Deleting folders
Creating custom folders
Adding an empty complex folder
Creating complex folders
Working with joins
Creating joins
Editing joins
Deleting joins
Join properties
Sorting folders
Working with items and item classes:
Working with items
Creating calculated items
Editing items
Deleting items
Sorting items
Registering PL/SQL functions
Item classes
Creating item classes with the item class wizard
The item classes tab
The effect of the item class
Editing item classes
Item class properties
Working with conditions and hierarchies :
Working with conditions
Creating conditions
Editing conditions
Deleting conditions
Condition properties
Working with hierarchies
Creating item hierarchies with the hierarchy wizard
Creating date hierarchies with the hierarchy wizard
The hierarchies tab
The effect of the date hierarchy
Editing hierarchies
Deleting hierarchies
Hierarchy properties
Security, privileges and summaries:
Business area security
User privileges
Summaries and materialized views
Creating and maintaining summaries
Registering an external summary table
The summaries tab
Editing and refreshing summaries
Deleting summaries
Summary properties
What is automated summary management
Accessing the underlying materialized view
Business area maintenance:
Exporting, importing
Manage scheduled workbooks
Refreshing a business area
Setting the default EUL
Command line options
Using EUL status workbooks :