Oracle12c New Features

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Give your IT staff the knowledge of using Oracle’s latest database new features.
This course will cover the new features of Oracle12c. The course will start off with working with installation and upgrade considerations. The new container databases, how to setup application and users, and how to manage moving current applications to this new environment. There are plethoras of new SQL tuning features that are covered. This course will cover SQL and PL/SQL new features. This course is designed for both DBAs and Developers.
The course utilizes a variety of current tools. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about TOAD, SQL Developer, as well as the Oracle tools like SQL*Plus.
A working knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL is required.
Topics covered:
• Oracle12c Architecture
• Oracle12c system requirements/upgrading
• Oracle12c Multitenant Database (Pluggable Database)
• Backup/Recovery/Data Guard New Features
• SQL and PL/SQL New Features
• Data Warehouse and BI New Features
• New Security Features
• New Manageability Features
• Performance Related New Features
• More New Features and Depreciated Features
Attendees Receive:
• Oracle12c Database New Features book and relevant white papers
• Useful SQL and SQL*Plus scripts
• A hands-on opportunity to learn more about Oracle12c, TOAD, and SQL Developer
Course Outline:
Day 1:
• Oracle12c Architecture
• Oracle12c system requirements/upgrading
System Requirements
Supported Platforms
Where to get the software
Don’t forget the documentation!
• Oracle12c Multitenant Database (Pluggable Database)
How it works
Problems/considerations in migrating from earlier Oracle releases
• Backup/Recovery/Data Guard New Features
Day 2:
• SQL and PL/SQL New Features
New/Enhanced DDL
New features for Sequences
Row pattern matching
Left Outer Join
Fetch First
New column limits
Identity/Invisible columns
New Index Features
New Truncating Features
“Run Faster” PL/SQL Functions
New Features for GT’s
Changes to PL/SQL Program unit security
• Partitioning Enhancements
• Data Warehouse and BI New Features
Day 3:
• Data Warehouse and BI New Features
Advanced Analytics
New OLAP/OBIEE Features
Information Lifecycle
In Database Archiving
Temporary Validity
Data Optimization (Heat Maps)
Temporal History
• New Security Features
Privilege Analysis
Data Redaction
Security Improvements
New Password Requirements
• New Manageability Features
Many new Online Operations
New Enterprise Manager Database Express
New Administrator Privileges
Database Replay Enhancements
Query able Patch Inventory
Database Cloning
New Scheduler Script Jobs
• Performance Related New Features
Adaptive Stats/Incremental Stats
Adaptive Query Optimization
New Items in Explain Plans
Updated Histograms
• More New Features
Data Pump/SQL*Loader/External Table Enhancements
Log Miner Enhancements
• Depreciated and Desupported Features
About Dan Hotka:
Dan Hotka is a Training Specialist and an Oracle ACE Director who has over 32 years in the computer industry, over 27 years of experience with Oracle products. His experience with the Oracle RDBMS dates back to the Oracle V4.0 days. Dan’s latest book is the Oracle SQL Tuning: A Close Look at Explain Plans by Amazon. He is also the author of TOAD Handbook by Pearson Education, SQL Developer Handbook by Oracle Press, Oracle9i Development By Example, and Oracle8i from Scratch by Que and has co-authored 7 other popular books including the Database Oracle10g Linux Administration by Oracle Press. He is frequently published in Oracle trade journals, and regularly speaks at Oracle conferences and user groups around the world.