Microsoft Office 365 - Introduction

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This is a comprehensive introduction to using Office 365 and will cover all aspects of using this online version of Microsoft Office. It will introduce users to the benefits of the One Drive as a means of data storage and also the advantages of SharePoint team sites. This course will be of benefit to anyone new to Office 365 or who has had limited experience of SharePoint.
Delegates should have an understanding of any of the following operating systems: Windows 7 or above.
• Setup and use Office 365 on your PC and mobile devices
• Use the Outlook web app for your email and calendar
• Access the Office 2016 web apps
• Understand the different forms of web app
• Store and manage your files on the One Drive
• Create and manage team SharePoint sites
Outlook Essentials (Office 365):
Getting Started
Exploring the Outlook Window
Navigating in Outlook
The Navigation Pane
Getting Help
Using Outlook Help
Obtaining Context-Sensitive Help
Printing Documents
Setting Up the Page
Selecting Additional Printing Options
Previewing and Printing a Document
Ending an Outlook Session
Saving Your Data
Minimizing and Restoring Outlook
Exiting from Outlook and Logging Off
Communicating with Mail (Office 365):
Using the Inbox
Checking for New Messages
Previewing and Opening Messages
The Ribbon
Selecting and Printing a Message
Closing a Message
Sorting Messages
Filtering Messages
Composing a New Message
Addressing and Typing a Message
Editing Text
Formatting Text
Using AutoComplete
Including a Signature with a Message
Correcting Spelling as You Type
Sending a Message
Forwarding and Replying to Messages
Replying to a Message
Managing Messages Using Folders
Moving a Message to a Folder
Deleting and Restoring a Message
Organising Contacts (Office 365):
Creating a Contact List
Adding Contacts Manually
Selecting and Editing an Address Card
Transmitting and Adding Contacts with E-mail
Managing Contacts
Changing the Current View
Scheduling with Calendar (Office 365):
Navigating in Calendar
Viewing a Day, a Week, or a Month
Using the Date Navigator
Viewing a Range of Dates, Several Weeks, and Discontiguous Days
Showing Two Time Zones
Making and Moving Appointments
Selecting an Appointment and Modifying the Date in Day View
Modifying the Date in Week View
Changing the Time of an Appointment
Managing Appointments
Editing Recurring Appointments
Creating Tentative Appointments
Inserting All Day Events
Deleting Appointments
Restoring Deleted Appointments
Tasks (Office 365):
Working with Tasks
Creating a Task
Selecting and Editing a Task
Making a Task Recurring
Deleting and Restoring a Task
Managing Tasks
Setting the Priority for a Task
Tracking a Task’s Status and Marking a Task Completed
Keeping a Journal and Using Notes (Office 365):
Tracking Activities
Working with Notes
Writing a Note
Opening and Editing a Note
Organising Notes
Changing Icon Size