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Descriptive Language), use of UDDI registries and the conversion of JavaBeans and EJBs to Web Services. All aspects of this class will illustrate the architecture and design of an efficient and effective SOA environment.
Each student should have an understanding of application development and basic design methodologies.
Defining Web Services:
Business Integration Issues
Business Barriers
Integrated Architectures
Current Integration Structure
B2B Integration Solutions: Web Services
Web Service Advantages
Web Service Characteristics
Defining a Web Serviced
Emerging Standards
Service Oriented Architecture
SOA and Web Services
Illustrating SOA Environment
Define XML Web Services
Web Services Components
Enterprise Solutions Platform
Leading Web Service Vendors
J2EE vs. .NET
Web Services Implementation Architecture
Client Tier Connectivity
Web Services Interaction
Market Dynamics for Web Services
Web Services Model
Expanded Web Services Model
B2C and B2B Comparison
Legacy Integration using Web Services
Web Services Integration
Application Partnership
Defining SOAP
Illustrating SOAP
SOAP Hides Implementation
Web Services Protocol Stack
SOAP Architecture
Basic SOAP Architecture
Web Services: SOAP Message
SOAP Message
SOAP Attachments
SOAP with Attachments
Illustrating WSDL
WSDL Components
WSDL Parts
Service Orchestration
Web Services Discovery
Illustrating Service Registries
Universal Description, Discovery Integration
UDDI Process
UDDI Models
UDDI Data Model
Web Services Gateway
Illustrating Integration with JCA
SOAP and JAX-RPC Clients:
Understand JAXP
SOAP Background
SOAP Envelope
SOAP Namespaces
SOAP Messaging
HTTP Communication Protocol
HTTP Response codes
SOAP: RPC & Document Styles
SOAP Message Path
JAX-RPC Overview
JAX-RPC Illustration
Server-Side Programming Model
JAX-RPC Service Endpoint
EJB Endpoints
Client-Side Programming Models
Generated Stubs
Web Services and WSDL:
Defining WSDL
The definitions Elements
WSDL Abstract Interface
RPC vs. Document Style
RPC Style Web Service
Document-Style Web Service
Fault Messages
SOA Fault Message
portType Element
operation Element
Message Exchange Patterns (MEP)
binding Element
SOAP Bindings
soapbind:body Element
soapbind:fault Element
service Element
UDDI Registries:
Web Services Discovery
Illustrating Service registries
Universal Description, Discovery Integration
UDDI Registry Illustration
How UDDI Operates
UDDI Models
UDDI Data Models
Primary UDDI Data Structures
businessEntity Definition
businessService Structure
bindingTemplate Definition
tModel Structure
tModels for WSDL Documents