Excel 2007 Expert

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This Expert course is designed for experienced Excel users who wish to use begin to programme Excel 2007 using Add-Ins, XML, Macros, VBA and ActiveX controls.

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To ensure the successful completion of the Expert course, the completion of the Advanced course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Add-ins, Smart Tags, and Digital Security :
Add-ins and the Trust Center
What is a COM Add-in?
Add-In Management
Installing Add-ins
Using the Trust Center
Information Rights Management :
What is IRM?
Requirements for IRM
Downloading and Installing the Rights Management Client Software
Using IRM
Opening an IRM Protected Document
Digital Signatures :
What is a Digital Signature?
Obtaining a Digital Signature
Attaching your Signature to a Workbook
Smart Tags and XML :
What is a Smart Tag?
Inserting Smart Tags into a Worksheet
Setting Smart Tag Options
Creating Custom Smart Tags
Macros, VBA, and Excel Programming :
Recording Macros
Playing a Macro
Macro Security
More Macro Tasks :
Recording a Relative Reference Macro
Running a Relative Reference Macro
Assigning a Keystroke to a Macro
Copying a Macro from a Workbook or Template
Visual Basic and Macros :
Opening the Visual Basic Editor
Adding Code to your Macro
Adding Comments to VBA Code
Declaring Variables
Prompting for User Input
Iteration over a Range
Using IF Then Else Statements
Expert Topics :
Form Controls
What is a Form Control?
Adding a Control to a Worksheet
Assigning a Macro to a Control
Using Form Controls
Advanced Functions :
Using Financial Functions
Understanding Logical Functions
Applying Logical Functions
Using SharePoint :
Creating a Document Workspace
Accessing a Workspace
Publishing to a Document Workspace
User Forms and ActiveX Controls :
Creating a Blank User Form
Adding Controls to the Form
Adding Buttons and VBA Code
Starting the User Form with a Macro