Excel 2007 Advanced

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In this course, you will extend your knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Excel by automating some common tasks, applying advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, collaborating on worksheets with others, and sharing Excel data with other applications. The course also looks at Pivot Tables and VLookups.

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To ensure the successful completion of the Advanced course, the completion of the Intermediate course or equivalent knowledge is recommended.
Advanced Topics :
Setting Excel Options
Changing Your User Name
Changing your Default Font
Changing Your Default File Format
Setting Formula Options
Changing the Appearance of Your Excel Interface
Excel and Windows :
Searching for Documents
Using Office Diagnostics
Checking for Updates
Starting Excel Automatically when Windows Boots
Using the Excel Viewer :
What is the Excel Viewer?
Downloading the Excel Viewer
Using Excel Viewer
Getting the Most From Your Data :
Getting The Most From Your Data
Using Automatic Outlining
Displaying and Collapsing Levels
Grouping Data Manually
Creating Subtotals
PivotTables :
What is a PivotTable?
Creating a PivotTable
Creating a PivotTable Frame
Specifying PivotTable Data
Rearranging PivotTable Data
More About PivotTables :
Modifying PivotTable Calculations
Formatting a PivotTable
Refreshing a PivotTable
Charting a PivotTable
Creating a PivotTable Based on External Data
Exploring Scenarios :
What is a Scenario?
Creating a Scenario
Creating a Scenario Summary Report
Saving Multiple Scenarios
What If Analysis :
Using a One and Two Input Data Table
Using Goal Seek
Using Solver
Excel and the Internet :
Excel and Hyperlinks
What is a Hyperlink?
Inserting Hyperlinks
Modifying Hyperlinks
Using Hyperlinks in Excel
Saving Workbooks as Web Pages :
HTM and MHTML Files
Saving a Workbook as a Web Page
Saving a Worksheet as a Web Page
Saving a Chart as a Web Page
Saving a Range as a Web Page
Getting Data from the Internet :
Importing from an External Data Source
Creating a Web Query
Saving a Web Query
Refreshing a Web Query
Excel and Office Servers :
Publishing to a Document Server
Saving to a Document Management Server
Using Excel with Excel Services
Advanced Excel Tasks :
Creating and Using Shared Workbooks
Sharing a Workbook
Opening and Editing a Shared Workbook
Tracking Changes
Resolving Conflicts in a Shared Workbook
Using Custom AutoFill Lists :
What is an AutoFill List?
Creating a Custom AutoFill List
Modifying a Custom AutoFill List
Using a Custom AutoFill List
Using the VLOOKUP Function :
Using VLOOKUP to Find Data
How to Find an Exact Match with VLOOKUP
Finding the Closest Match with VLOOKUP
Linking, Consolidating, and Combining Workbooks :
Linking Workbooks
Consolidating Workbooks
Combining Worksheets