Docker Fundamentals

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The Docker Fundamentals training course is for software developers and systems administrators seeking to gain a foundational understanding of the Docker platform
Delegates should have experience with the Linux command line interface, and have a basic knowledge of networking
Course Objectives:
Through a mixture of lectures and hands on labs, delegates will:

Establish an understanding of the purpose of the Docker platform
Identify the key architectural components of Docker
Become familiar with the management of container instances
Learn how to expose containers to the network, and share data with containers
Gain practical experience of working with Docker images
Understand the principals behind container orchestration
Course Content:
The following content will be covered during the course of the 2 days:

Introducing Docker
Installing Docker
Docker Architecture
The Container Lifecycle
Container Utilities
Working With Docker Images
Networking With Docker
Data & Docker Volumes
Building Images With Dockerfiles
Developing With Docker
Docker Registries
Orchestrating Containers