Crystal Reports Server 2008

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Crystal Reports Server 2008 is a complete report and dashboard management solution. It lets you securely open, view, interact with, and share reports and dashboards.
Participants are expected to be able to use Crystal Reports and/or Xcelsius where relevant.
Report and Dashboard writers who want to publish to Crystal Reports Server 2008
Introduction to Crystal Reports Server 2008:
What is Crystal Reports Server 2008 V1
Feature Overview
Publishing reports
Dashboard Builder and Analytics
My Infoview
Importing documents
NET support
IIS support
Working with Crystal Reports:
Viewing Crystal reports
Crystal Reports viewer toolbar
Drilling Crystal reports
Viewing alerts in Crystal reports
Viewing and editing the parameters of Crystal reports in the Web
Distributing Crystal reports
Printing Crystal reports
Exporting Crystal reports
Interactive Sorting
Sorting data interactively
Crystal Reports Viewer
Publishing reports to Crystal Reports Server 2008:
What is publishing?
Publishing reports using the Publishing Wizard
Connecting to Crystal Reports Server 2008 V1
Selecting reports to publish
Specifying a publishing location
Specifying or duplicating a folder hierarchy
Selecting a scheduling option
Refreshing repository fields
Publishing with saved data
Finalizing the reports to be published
Publishing reports by using the Central Management Console
Saving reports directly to the CMS
Dashboards on Crystal Reports Server 2008:
Publish Xcelsius SWF files and dashboards to Crystal Reports Server 2008
Dashboard builder
Create dashboards from existing content
View summarized Xcelsius dashboards and detailed Crystal Reports content next to each
other in Infoview.
Crystal Reports Server 2008 Components:
Business View
Central Configuration Manager
Central Management Console
Report Viewers
Net Providers
Data Source Migration
Diagnostic Tool