Chef Intermediate

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Chef Intermediate Topics is an instructor-led course that first introduces you to test-driven development (TDD) and then shows you how to extend your cookbooks with custom resources and Ohai plugins. Building cookbooks with tests will increase the speed at which you work by giving you consistent feedback throughout the entire cookbook development process. Extending your cookbooks with custom resources will increase clarity within your recipes and provide resources that are portable to other cookbooks. Ohai plugins gather data from your nodes that will aid in more dynamic recipes and extensive reporting. In this course, you will learn how to confidently refactor and extend a cookbook through explanation, demonstration, practice, and discussion. At the end of the course, you will have created a code repository that can be applied to solve the unique challenges you face managing your infrastructure.
To take this course, you should have completed Chef Fundamentals or Chef Essentials or have comparable work experience. You should have working knowledge of core Chef concepts and resources.
Two day course content:
Why write tests? Why is that hard?
Writing a test first
Refactoring cookbooks with tests
Faster feedback with unit testing
Testing resources in recipes
Refactoring to attributes
Refactoring to multiple platforms
Approaches to extending resources
Why use custom resources
Creating a custom resource
Refining a custom resource
Ohai plugins
Creating an Ohai plugin
Tuning Ohai
Workstation Requirements:
You will need to bring a wi-fi enabled laptop to class and will need admin/root access on the machine. You will need the ability to remote into the virtual machines provided in class.