COBOL Programming

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Introduction to COBOL:
Development of COBOL. Program translation: compilation, linkage editor. Common compilation errors, compiler options. Divisions of COBOL, COBOL syntax and format, COBOL character set, program source structure.
COBOL statement structure:
COBOL words, format of statements.
Identification Division:
Environment Division:
Data Devision:
File description (FD), record descriptions, hierarchy and level numbers, description-string entry.
File Section:
Working-Storage Section:
Literals, figurative constants, redefines clause, data representation, the Usage clause, synchronisation, sign clause.
The Procedure Division:
File status codes; file statements: Open, Read, Write, Close, Stop, Goback; Accept and Display; Move statement, Justified clause, qualification of data names, Reference Modification.
Perform statement:
Out-of-line, With test.....Until,.... Times, in-line statement; Go to statement.
Program design:
Describes program design techniques, design considerations, procedure names, program structure.
Printed output, Write statement with the advancing option, editing characters; Initialise statement.
Environment Division clauses:
Other entries.
Condition testing: