Business Objects Web Intelligence XI Reporter Course

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This course is an introduction to Business Objects Web Intelligence. It is intended for those with no previous experience of using the software. It is also suitable for those who have been using the software for some time but who have had no formal training.
Delegates attending will be assumed to be familiar with the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer or other Web Browsing software.
The InfoView Environment:
Customising User Preferences
Creating and Using Folders and Categories
Opening Documents in the InfoView Interactive Viewer
Opening Documents in the Java Report Panel
Sharing Documents with other Users
Scheduling Documents to Run Automatically
The Web Intelligence User Interface:
The Data Zone (Report Manager)
Document Structure – Documents, Data Providers, Reports and Blocks
A Business Objects Universe
Query Building:
Creating a New Web Intelligence Document from a Query
Adding Objects to a Query
Adding Query Filters:
Pre-defined Query Filters
Quick Query Filters
Prompted Query Filters
Complex Query Filters Using Logical Operators (And/Or)
Using Wild Cards in Query Filters
Combine Queries
Editing Blocks:
Converting Blocks between Standard Tables, Financial Tables,
Cross Tabs, Forms and Charts
Adding Blocks to a Report
Selecting Rows and Columns
Adding Objects to Blocks
Inserting & Deleting Rows and Columns
Inserting Free-standing cells
Filtering & Sorting Data:
Applying Quick Filters to Rows or Columns
Formatting Filters
Removing Filters
Global versus Local Filters
Sorting Data in Tables
Creating Sections
Using Functions:
Adding & Formatting Breaks, Calculations and Custom Sorts
Ranking Data to see top or bottom values
Using Alerters to highlight information
Copying Data to other Applications (Eg. MS Excel)
Creating Formulae and Variables:
Adding a Formula to a Block
Using If, Then, Else… in a formula to Group Values
Understanding the Difference between a Formula and a Variable
Defining a Formula as a Variable
Defining a Variable
Adding and Modifying Variables
Using Multiple Data Providers:
Overview of how Data is stored in Web Intelligence Documents – understanding the concept of a Data Provider
Creating a Document that Contains Multiple Queries
Synchronising Data from Multiple Data Providers
Understanding Hierarchies
Setting the Scope of Analysis
Drilling through Tables and Charts
Using the Drill Filters
Taking a Snapshot
Formatting Documents:
Borders and Shading
Adding Headers and Footers
Adding Pictures/Logos
Setting Cell, Table, Section & Page Properties