Adobe Flash CS4: Level 2

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You created basic Flash animations. You may now need to work on Flash projects that require implementation of advanced functionality. In this course, you will use the advanced features of Adobe® Flash CS4 to plan, design, and develop complex Flash projects. You will plan, design, and develop complex Flash projects using the Adobe® Flash CS4 application. This course is intended for students who want to expand their introductory skills in developing animations and their knowledge of ActionScript™ 3.0.
To ensure your success in this course, it is recommended that you first take the following course (or have equivalent knowledge): Adobe® Flash CS4: Level 1. Students should also have a desire to expand their knowledge of ActionScript™ 3.0.
Planning a Flash Project :
Understand a Workflow
Translate Workflow Plans to Flash
Designing a Project :
Initiate a Project
Create Design Patterns
Managing Symbols :
Use Movie Clips
Organize Movie Assets
Use Buttons
Creating Advanced Animations :
Work with Inverse Kinematics
Add Motion to Animations
Transformation to an Object
Apply Effects to an Object
Adding Audio to a Movie :
Import Audio
Control Audio
Working with ActionScript™ 3.0 :
Understand ActionScript
Add Interactivity Using ActionScript Elements
Use Dynamic Mask
Work with Components
Publishing a Movie in Different Formats :
Add Metadata to SWF Files
Ensure Accessibility
Create Multiple Outputs

Extending Flash :
Understand JSFL
Understand Adobe Extension Manager CS4