Adobe Flash CS4: Level 1

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A website can be made to look more inviting with interactive graphics and animations. The tools present in Adobe® Flash CS4 can be used to create and manipulate a wide variety of objects ranging from a simple graphic design to a complex animation sequence. In this course, you will familiarize yourself with the basic tools and features of Flash CS4, and gain the skills necessary for creating basic animations.
To gain the most from this class, students should be familiar with the Windows environment (XP for ILT and Vista for online), be familiar with the web and its terminologies, have a basic frame of reference for graphic and design applications—identify programs designed for graphics and web, have a desire to know the basic terminologies and components of ActionScript™ and its role as a Flash programming language.
Exploring the Adobe® Flash CS4 Environment :
Define Flash
Explore the Flash CS4 Welcome Screen
Explore the Flash CS4 Interface
Explore and Customize the Panels in Flash CS4
Working with Drawing and Painting Tools :
Compare the Drawing Modes of Flash
Use Drawing and Painting Tools
Use the Pen Tool
Manipulating Objects :
Use the Selection Tools
Overview of Layers
Work with Interacting Objects
Transform Objects
Understanding Vector and Bitmap Images :
Vector Images and Bitmap Images
Work with Bitmap Images
Working with Text :
Overview of Text Fields and Attributes
Create Text Fields
Convert Text into Shapes
Working with Symbols and Instances :
Create a Symbol
Create a Symbol Instance
Using Animation Basics to Create Animations :
Create Animations with Frames and Keyframes
Work with Frames
Create a Motion Tween Animation
Create a Shape Tween Animation
Working with Multiple Layers :
Work with Multiple Layers
Create a Mask Layer
Using ActionScript™ :
Basics of ActionScript
ActionScript Elements