ASP.NET Web Pages Using C#

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This course provides a practical hands-on introduction to developing Web applications using ASP.NET Web Pages and C#. This Web development framework from Microsoft emphasizes ease of use, making the development of dynamic Web sites with ASP.NET very approachable. C# programming is done using the Razor syntax, as in the more sophisticated ASP.NET MVC. This course uses WebMatrix as a development environment. WebMatrix is a free tool from Microsoft that provides an HTML editor, an integrated SQL Server Compact database utility, a Web server for testing pages, and features to facilitate publishing your website to the Internet, including to the Azure cloud. ASP.NET Web Pages sites can also be developed and tested using Visual Studio. The course is current to ASP.NET Web Pages 2 and WebMatrix 3. <br> The course begins with an overview of the WebMatrix tool and includes a review of creating static websites with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Then the Razor syntax is introduced, enabling the creation of dynamic websites programmed with C#. Code reuse using functions and helpers is discussed, along with using .NET classes and class libraries. HTTP is reviewed and form processing is covered using GET and POST. The next chapter covers the use of the ASP.NET infrastructure for maintaining session and applications state, caching, and using cookies. Web database application development is discussed, including use of the WebMatrix tool to create new databases. The course concludes with deployment of websites to the Azure cloud. <br> Numerous programming examples and exercises are provided, including a thematic case study. The participants will receive a comprehensive set of notes and all the programming examples.
Programming experience and a basic knowledge of HTML. Some familiarity with C# and ASP.NET would be helpful but not required.
· Gain an understanding of the philosophy and structure of Web applications using ASP.NET Web Pages
· Acquire a working knowledge of Web application development using ASP.NET Web Pages 2 and WebMatrix 3
· Use C# and Razor along with HTML and CSS
· Reuse code with functions and helpers and .NET classes and class libraries
· Utilize ASP.NET infrastructure to maintain session and applications state, use cookies, and perform caching
· Access databases with SQL Server and ADO.NET
· Deploy Web applications to the Internet
Introduction to Web Pages and WebMatrix:
Web Application Fundamentals
Using WebMatrix
Cascading Style Sheets
ASP.NET Web Pages
Programming with C# and Razor:
Dynamic Output
Razor Syntax
Code Block of a Web Page
Intermixing C# with HTML
Functions and Helpers
Reusing .NET Classes and Class Libraries
Form Processing and HTTP Basics:
HTML Forms
Using JavaScript
Request Collection
State Management and ASP.NET Infrastructure:
ASP.NET Infrastructure
Session State
Application State
Web Database Applications:
Use WebMatrix to Create a SQL Server CE Database
Using WebGrid Helper to Display Data
Customize WebGrid with HTML Styling
Perform SQL Insert, Update and Delete
Access Other Databases
ASP.NET and Azure:
What Is Windows Azure?
A Windows Azure Testbed
Deploying an Application to Azure
Updating an Application on Azure