Training Skills For Internal Trainers

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Many organisations use a staff member to deliver internal training and to support other employees on a daily basis. It is often a key part of the line managers responsibilities. This workshop is designed to up-skill of people responsible for delivering internal training on processes, procedures or methods.
This practical 2 day workshop is designed for managers or staff that are required to deliver training to team members or other employees in the organisation. It is suitable for staff who provide training on an ad hoc basis as well as those who regularly deliver training and wish to refresh their own skill set.
Benefits of attending :
- The participants will learn about the principles of adult learning in the workplace
- They will learn how to create relevant and focused training sessions
- They will understand the importance of the organisational context in delivering training
- They will create links from the training sessions to the workplace
- They will create training sessions that reflect and accommodate the reality where workplace training may occur in short phases and within the work schedule
Training outline :
Vocabulary of training
Identifying the myths and truth about training
The adult learner
The importance of the training or workplace context
Working with different learning styles
The "what" and the "how" of learning
Two key principles to transforming learners :
Learner centred
Performance based
Differences in expert and novice approaches to a sample task
Diversity in the training group
Prior knowledge
The training context :
Training in a regulated environment
Training in a cGMP environment
Delivering training outside normal working hours
Preparing a training session:
The five step model for structuring training
Designing a practical session
Setting clear goals
Identifying the desired performance levels
Deciding on content
Choosing a delivery style
Managing your time
Using training aids :
Flip charts
White boards
Work samples