Train the IT Trainer Advanced Workshop

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This workshop is intended to assist existing trainers in improving their training techniques and approaches with a focus on the behavioural aspects of delegates. This highly participative workshop will draw upon real examples taken from delegates` own experiences in training sessions. Questionnaires; models; discussions and role-play activities will be used.
Training experience is presumed and required.
Learning Styles: General Descriptions:
Learning Styles and Training:
Balancing Delivery Around Different Learning Styles<BR>
Making Technical Courses Relevant and Interesting for Delegates:
Start From Where the Delegate is<BR>Find out Where They Want to Get To<BR>Making Technical Courses Relevant<BR>Clarity of Explanations<BR>Use your Imagination<BR>Making Courses Interesting<BR>
Training Introductory and Advanced Level Courses:
How Expert Trainers Get That Way:
Accepting Differences<BR>Using Silence<BR>Knowing when you don`t know<BR>Cultivating Variety<BR>Endurance and Openness<BR>
Balancing the Needs of Everyone:
The Software House<BR>The Trainer<BR>The Delegates<BR>The Managers<BR>The Organization<BR>
Delegate Pre-Course Preparation:
Importance of Post-Course Support:
Handling Egos - Confidence Building:
Classroom Environment and Behavior Patterns:
Group Control:
Indidvidual Control Techniques:
The Four Most Common Problems<BR>Other Problems Delegates<BR>
Tips of Working with Adult Learners: