Effective Decision Making

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Decision making and problem solving skills are involved in most aspects of management. The decisions may range from simple to complex and the outcomes can impact on the team and the organisation. This workshop will present a range of practical tools and techniques that can be used in individual or group decision making.
Having completed this workshop the participants will
Understand how differences in how we process and gather information impact on our decision
Define the problem or situation clearly to create better solutions
Be familiar with a variety of tools to assist in the decision making process
Identify and chose the best option from the available alternatives
Have an awareness of the impact of the decision on others in the organisation
Understanding the Decision Levels:
Strategic Tactical Operational
The stages in decision making
Biases effecting how we process information
Decision making criteria
The importance of preparation
Individual or group decisions
Building a support network
Tools & Techniques:
Using the OODA loop Observe, Orient, Decide & Act
Force field Analysis Factors
PMI structure; Plus- Minus Interesting
Measured criteria matrix
OPV; Other Point of View
Selling the decisions :
Persuading and influencing
Bad Decisions :
Avoiding Group think