Diversity Training for Managers

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In the current competitive environment the acceptance and understanding of diversity may not be enough to create an empowered workforce where the organisation benefits from the collective knowledge and experience of the staff. The Diversity must be managed as any other resource if the learning and changes in behaviour and attitudes is to transfer and become embedded in the workplace. Managers have a critical role as change agents and performance drivers without whose support any Diversity based intervention will not be successful. This course is designed to illustrate how attitudes toward differences may impact on results and will establish the connection between inclusive working environments and improved employee performance and productivity. Managers will identify how their attitudes toward potential and existing employees may affect who they hire, promote, who they provide feedback to, and how that is perceived.
Training content :
The legislative framework
The manager`s responsibility in implementing the legislation
How do you communicate the importance of diversity in your organisation
How prejudice can affect the motivation and productivity of a team
Off stage and on stage performances
The business case for managing diversity
Developing an intercultural workplace policy
The consequences of ignoring diversity
Beyond equal opportunity and leveraging the value of differences
The impact of service delivery mismatches on your customer base
Diversity management as a staff retention tool