Developing Training Courses for community groups

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This workshop is designed for people who are required to deliver training to community workers or volunteers. There is an awareness that this training is often delivered at short notice and outside the traditional training room. Such training is often an effective method to strengthen the capacity of the group and give them the competence to deliver a quality service to the clients.
The participants are encouraged to bring a project or an existing training plan to the session. This can then form the basis of the training session and allow them to leave the session having made some modifications or improvements to their plan. They will learn to design a program that recognises the barriers to learning and participation in community groups and develops a strategy to anticipate and reduce such barriers in the training
Adult learning principles :
What you need to know before you begin
How adults learn
Diversity in learning styles
Building on existing skills and knowledge
Customising your training plan :
Recognising the culture and ethos of the organisation
Having a legislative awareness
Challenging attitudes
Changing behaviours
The core elements of the training plan :
Training goals
Learning objectives
Learning methods
Training Methods
Evaluation options
Planing the Session :
Using a Five Step Model for Structuring Training
Using logical sequencing
Finding resource materials from non traditional backgrounds
Determining your training outcomes :
Using a funnel model to link the training to the wider society
Identify the training triggers
Evaluation Options :
Stakeholder evaluations
Models of assessment
Transfer of training back to the workplace :
Why training fails
What makes training successful?